Winn Homestead | Walla Walla Wine Country

Blackbird Photography | Winn Homestead

Friends! It is such a different time right now with all the shifting of wedding dates, more elopements, back yard weddings and much more! Regardless, we can still share some of our preferred vendors. Every time we see stunning photos from clients who tied the knot at Winn Homestead we are in awe of the simplicity. The rolling hills, green grass, and detailed landscape paint the colors for beautiful photos. We got the chance to ask the owner of Winn Homestead what their “why” is behind what they do. Here’s what they had to say:

“We host weddings because we love sharing our historic, family homestead with others as they begin writing their own family histories.”

Blackbird Photography | Winn Homestead

For more info on Winn Homestead and the venue features, please visit their website at: