When to Use a Petticoat

Hey guys it’s Britt with Modern Cottage Bridal. Today’s tailor your wedding tip is to ask your seamstress about a petticoat. This tip is great for you if you are looking to add more volume to your skirt, and to fill out the under layer. You might be thinking what is a petticoat? A petticoat is the extra volume or under skirt that goes underneath your wedding dress. Sometimes I hear people call it “cupcake” or “prairie skirt” or “that under skirt thingamajig.”

You know what I mean. Anyway, that “thing” called a petticoat.

Here at modern cottage you can request a petticoat when you schedule your first fitting online. From there I will more than likely be requesting a picture of your dress just so that I can have the right petticoat pulled out for you to try to dry out. Now if you’re on the opposite spectrum of things and you’re thinking: “I don’t want to add more volume.” Let’s say you want to maybe de-fluff your dress. That’s possible too. We can actually remove part of the volume of the under skirt that’s built into your dress. So check those options out when you are scheduling your first fitting with Modern Cottage Bridal and have a blessed day!

You can schedule your first fitting here, and add a petticoat at checkout.

I can’t wait to see the dress you picked out!


The Bridal Tailor