Wedding Dress Preservation

Hey all! Britt here, your bridal tailor.  Is your wedding dress sitting in your closet with stains from your wedding day?  Depending on how long your dress has had stains you may not be able to take your dress to the dry cleaners.  Some dry cleaners can’t get out wedding dress stains that have sat longer than a few weeks.  A wedding dress preservation might be the better fit for you if your dress has stayed put longer.

We do gown preservation here at Modern Cottage.  We help you through the whole process with Wedding Gown Preservation Company.  Our certified specialists are absolutely amazing about the care for your gown.  Vintage wedding dresses receive extra special care and are sent to a specialty team for any repairs or special coloring troubleshooting.

If you are looking to keep your dress to share with generations to come, I highly recommend getting your wedding dress preserved.  It’s refreshing to see your dress brought back to life and to know that it will be the same condition as when you first fell in love with it.  Any missing beads, tears, or snags are also repaired with a gown preservation.  You can also request 3 accessories to be preserved with your dress for free. Accessories include veils, clutches, broaches, hairpieces, etc.

You gown comes back with original color, stain free, and completely repaired.  The process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete.  If you are having a reception separate from your ceremony at a later date, we recommend seeing a dry cleaner between events then getting your dress preserved. If your dress has been in storage with stains for quite some time, if not decades, don’t worry, Wedding Gown Preservation can get it out.  I was absolutely amazed by the results from a stunning 1950s wedding dress that came back with original ivory color, brighter, and looking like new.

You can schedule your gown cleaning, or request a shipping kit online here.