Tips & Tricks for Storing Your Wedding Dress

Hey it’s Britt with Modern Cottage Bridal, and today I’m gonna talk to you about tips and tricks to storing wedding dress. So if you’re headed to go pick up your wedding dress, this is the blog post for you to read. If you’re headed to the bridal shop to pick up your wedding dress I highly recommend getting a bridal bag on hand to bring with you. I have some here at the shop. You can inquire about that by shooting me a message here. I could also have one ready for you when you come to your first fitting I highly recommend storing wedding dresses in a bridal bag on a hanger. Leaving your dress in a box can crumple the fabric. It doesn’t necessarily damage it, but it can snag the dress on the box.

If you’ve had your wedding dress for alterations and want it to your wedding. I highly recommend getting it preserved and cleaned. Then once it comes back preserved and clean. Generally speaking it will come back either in a bag or presentation box of some sort. So those are my best tips and tricks for storing your wedding dress. Be sure to check out more information on cleaning your gown here.