Top 5 Pro Tips for Designing your own Wedding Dress

We are beyond excited for all the creative wedding dress designs we are working on this year! See below our top five professional wedding dress designing tips for designing your own wedding dress with us!

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1. Narrow down your complete bridal look before your first design meeting.

Be sure to have your complete look in mind prior to your first meeting. Utilize Pinterest, wedding magazines, or Google images for inspiration. When you pin or print your inspirational photos write a caption with description of which feature you loved about your dress.

2. Have a budget in mind for both your dress and alterations.

While we include alterations in custom dresses for our local clients, if you are long distance you will need a separate budget for alterations local to you.

3. Trust the process!

Once you’ve booked your custom wedding dress, trust the process! It’s so hard to wait, but just like in the shop, all good things take time. Gown production can take 6-9 months.

4. Select shoes of the same height before your try on.

While you might not have the right vision for your accessories, shoes are the most important for a first fitting. Be sure to check return policies with the boutique you order from.

5. Have a selection of undergarment options ready for try on.

We have a selection undergarments we can special order for you. Be sure to inquire this at your time of measurements and fabric selection. Most cases dresses are created with enough support to avoid the need for undergarments. However, it is important to keep this option in mind.

We hope this helps you with your custom wedding dress design process! As always, feel free to reach out via text if you have any questions: 208-696-1155



-The Bridal Tailor

Top 3 tips for Designing a Custom Wedding Dress Online

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Hey! Britt here! I wanted to let you in on my top 3 tips for designing your wedding dress online with us; especially if you are designing long distance where we will be shipping your dress.

  • Accurate Measurements:

Once your dress design is complete, the next step is measurements. We utilize pattern making programs to create your pattern made to fit your measurements. With this in mind, our pattern making program requires several measurements for making your dress. That’s why we then schedule a 1:1 Video Session for measurements. After booking and dress design confirmation, we will send you a link to schedule your virtual appointment for guidance taking measurements.

  • Fabric Swatches

One of the most important aspects of your wedding dress design remains in your choice of fabric. Your fabric choice can add dimension, uniqueness, and overall aesthetic of your dress. We know this is important, so we send you all your lining and base colors of your dress. While we want to prioritize lace swatches, sometimes lace that we don’t currently carry isn’t easily accessible for swatches.

  • Seamstress for alterations

While it is our goal to get the closest fit to your measurements, most dresses ordered custom or in boutiques will need some sort of alterations. When designing your wedding dress online with us, we can point you in the right direction for follow up alterations with a bridal seamstress in your area. If you are local to Southern Idaho, we are happy to adjust your gown complimentary when you order through us!

For questions regarding custom wedding dress making, please text us at 208-696-1155 or send us a message here!



-The Bridal Tailor