My Story on How I Got Started Sewing

Hey guys it’s Britt. The main question I get when we have like a first fitting is “How did you get started with sewing?”

Basically I started sewing when I was 5 years old. My grandma gave me my grandpa’s old sweatshirts and I would cut them up and hand sew little dresses for my dolls. Then I ended up getting into for sewing 4-H because my mom actually saw I had an interest in it. My grandma loves to hand sew and she and my mom both really mentored me and got me into that which I am super thankful for. Then at age 16 I started my first job as a seamstress at a local bridal shop.

“Then I went off to college with you and studied apparel design and merchandising management. From there I continued to work in bridal shops. After I had my son I decided to work from home. “

This is my 12th year as a professional seamstress. The name Modern Cottage actually came from me describing my modern country style. Also, my husband and I were always calling our house a little cottage of a home and we’re slowly modernizing it.

I love working from home, it is a true blessing to watch my son grow. Thank you for supporting this small business.