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Oregon Wedding Venue with Camping

Jamie & Dallas

When Jamie first popped by our little cottage with her gorgeous floral layered lace gown, I was in awe of how unique it was! Jamie & Dallas chose to get married at the beautiful Emigrant Springs State park nestled near the summit of the Blue Mountains. Emigrant Springs rests in the heart of an old growth forest. They have several amenities which I will talk more about later in this article, but first here’s a bit about their story.

” Dallas and I met in high school, and actually were each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend and first kiss. As most teen love stories tend to go, I ‘broke his heart’ at the tender age of 16. Him, being the stubborn man that he is, did not talk to me for the next 8 years (all while living in the same town, and two of those years, attending the same small high school– not the easiest feat). We finally reconnected in 2017 and began dating again. About 6 months into our relationship, he proposed outside of my mom and stepdad’s house (where we had our first kiss back in high school) and had my entire family and all of my friends there to witness the whole thing. It was absolutely perfect, and we celebrated the rest of the night! Fast forward to our wedding day.. It was everything I had imagined it to be. We were surrounded by so many loved ones, and I am constantly wishing we could re-live it! We have the memories to look back on though, and of course, the future ahead of us to look forward to!”

Photo of bride and groom at an Oregon Venue with Camping
El Jardin Photography

There’s some kind of magic in love stories where you reconnect. Jamie & Dallas had a beautiful wedding hosted by Emigrant springs. In case you don’t know of the state park here are some of the amenities they provide:

  • 16 full hookup sites
  • Five sites open year round (water available only at restroom/shower building in winter)
  • 1 electrical site with water (closed in winter)
  • 32 tent sites with water nearby (closed in winter)
  • Hot showers and flush toilets
  • Horse camp with seven sites (closed in winter)
  • Six rustic log cabins (four pet-friendly; and one cabin duplex (cabins open year round)
  • Group tent camp (closed in winter)
  • Community Building call park for reservations 541-983-2277

A venue such as this state park is a great option for hosting several out of town guests, especially if they plan on staying for a bit!

All in all, I have to say, Dallas and Jamie’s wedding was a true inspiration for a forest wedding. Scroll down to see more of the magic behind their wedding day!


The Bridal Tailor

Photo of bride and groom at an Oregon wedding venue with camping
El Jardin Photography

“I would highly recommend Modern Cottage to a friend. Brittanie was amazing to work with and so helpful! She pays attention to small details and is flexible when it comes to last minute appointments. She even “mapped” out my bustle with a hand-drawn picture of my dress, to make bustling easier for my maid of honor. I just love how accommodating and friendly Brittanie is. I never once felt uncomfortable, and she made my dress fit like a glove!! “

Photo of bridesmaids in blue dresses in a forest wedding
El Jardin Photography
Photo of bridesmaids in blue dresses at a forest wedding
El Jardin Photography
Photo of bride with hair down and broach
El Jardin Photography

Creative Team:

Venue: Emigrant Springs State Park

Photographer: El Jardin Photography

Cake: Tiny Cakes La Grande

Wedding Dress Alterations: Modern Cottage Bridal

Florist: Cherry’s Florist

DJ: Clint Williams

Modern Vintage Style Lace Wedding Gown

Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress | Blackbird Photography

Kori first met with me with a stunning idea. I simply loved the thought of creating a unique lace wedding dress with her style in mind. She selected gorgeous embroidered off white lace layered over dusty blue/grey jersey for her bridal bodysuit top. After thumbing through a few different silk and satin selections, we both loved the drape of the off white silk charmeuse. I can’t get over how well the pocket details and horsehair trim on this bridal skirt compliment the details of the lace bodysuit top.

Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress | Blackbird Photography

When she told me of how she was going to put her look together from the braid to earrings and makeup, I was so exited to see it all come together. She stayed so positive through the custom gown process, I am so thankful for her kind spirit and lovely style. I loved making your gown, Kori, and completing the look with your bridal party suit vest rentals. See below for more detailed shots by Blackbird Photography on how they put their bridal look together.


Vendor Team

Tuxedo Rentals: Modern Cottage Bridal

Custom Dress: Modern Cottage Bridal

Photography: Blackbird Photography

Flowers: Bloomerang Flowers

Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress | Blackbird Photography

“She selected gorgeous embroidered off white lace layered over dusty blue/grey jersey for her bridal bodysuit top. “

Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress | Blackbird Photography
Bloomerang Flowers | Blackbird Photography
Bloomerang Flowers | Semi-formal Tux Rental | Grey Vest | Modern Cottage Bridal | Blackbird Photography
Bloomerang Flowers | Semi-formal Tux Rental | Grey Vest | Lace Sleeved Wedding Dress | Modern Cottage Bridal | Blackbird Photography

How Wedding Dress Preservation Works

Hi, friends, it’s Britt here. Just jumping on here really quickly to talk to you guys about how wedding dress preservation works.

There are multiple ways to preserve your gown.

There are three options for they way you preserve your dress. You can either a set up a time to drop off your dress or you can schedule a pickup. A pick up would be where I travel to you and pick up your gown. The third option, too, is that I can mail you a shipping kit. After that, I go through and I evaluate where the stains are. If there might be any damage, I would take note of that and make sure the wedding gown receives extra attention for that care. If you have a preservation shipping kit, I would help guide your through those steps along the way. If you are a long distance and I have sent you a shipping kit.

“Vintage wedding gowns that are from the 1960s come back looking more of a fresh white ivory versus an aged yellowed ivory.”

How Wedding Gown Preservation Works | Modern Cottage Bridal | La Grande, Oregon

Your gown value, fabric content, and designer are all taken into consideration when we preserve it.

We take into consideration the value of the gown, the content of the fabric, and the designer as well. All this information is really important when it comes to cleaning, and then the wedding gown gets shipped to be cleaned by our certified specialists. Once that is complete, which can take up to four to five weeks depending on how backed up the cleaning company is, that gown is then returned to either you or me.

The shipping is very secure!

Shipping is very secure and I’ve been absolutely ecstatic about the results! Gowns have come back looking like new! Vintage wedding gowns that are from the 1960s come back looking more of a fresh white ivory versus an aged yellowed ivory. The repairs are astronomical. You can’t even tell. It looks like a brand new gown!

So that’s it in a nutshell. That is how wedding dress preservation works. As always if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can contact me here. You can also schedule your wedding dress cleaning online here.


3 Reasons Why Wedding Gown Preservation is for You

Brittanie here with Modern Cottage. I just wanted to jump on here really quickly and chat with you guys about wedding gown preservation and the benefits of wedding gown preservation.

1. Stains can cause long term damage

The number one reason that you should look into cleaning your wedding gown right away is because those stains can set and abrasion can really cause more wear and tear over time. It’s not something you want to procrastinate. However, if your dress has been sitting in your closet for six months, a year, five years, ten years, the company that we use to clean wedding gowns, they can’t get out. The professionals there can get out any stain, I’m telling you. Any stain.

2. It will hold it’s color for up to 100 years

The second reason wedding gown preservation and cleaning can be the best for option for you and your dress is it holds color for up to 100 years. If your family and even just yourself hold wedding gowns as a high sentimental value, it is worth it to have it preserved because the preservation will hold the true color of the dress for a hundred years. That’s really amazing because say you have a granddaughter or niece or someone in your life who really loved your dress and you want to share that with them. You’d be able to share that. The preservation would keep the original integrity of the dress so they can use it or see it as if it were brand new.

3. It’s sentimental to you

The last reason that preserving your wedding dress can be really great for you is if you really loved your dress and you want to show it off in some sort of piece of your household. Our wedding, our preservation service makes it so your dress comes back looking like brand new, but it’s also on a dress form, a cardboard dress form, and it comes in a cardboard shadow box. Here’s the thing though, you can store your gown in a unique way in your household. If it’s preserved, you can put it in a trunk or a wooden shadow box on the wall. There are so many unique things to do with it. Then you get to truly see and love your dress for years to come. If it’s on your wall, or in your living room, it’s part of your home.

Preservation is definitely more for those of you who feel as though you want to keep your gown for years to come. Cleaning is something you want to do only if you’re really just planning on reselling your gown or donating, simply because it won’t keep well in storage over the course of several years. If you do plan on storing it in storage or within your home, preservation is great, because the additional cleaning that’s done to it with preservation will prevent it from any external damage.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, you can contact us here at the link below to schedule your wedding dress, cleaning or preservation.

To Schedule:

Or contact us here



Wedding Gown Preservation | Modern Cottage Bridal | La Grande, Oregon

Hiring A Wedding Vendor: Saving The Date

This post is vendor shoutout featuring Grish & Watson! I truly enjoyed working with Amanda and getting to know a little bit more about her world and search her brain for helpful tips and tricks for those of you with your special day coming up!

Amanda is born and raised in Oregon and proud of it! She is currently located in Portland where her and her team have been helping couple’s with all their stationary needs since 2016. Together they help couples with signage, table settings, invites, save the dates, and much more paper related needs! On top of everything, 10% of all profits go towards organizations that help empower women and girls. How great is that?!

Calligraphy and letter writing has been a passion and inspiration of hers for many years. Taking the next step into turning that passion into a business seemed like the perfect way to share her skill! Amanda’s favorite part about her job is being able to see the power of words be brought to life through her work. It is also important to her that “you should be able to trust your vendors, not only to deliver on your vision, but also to deliver on time. When you make an investment in a professional, you’re not only supporting the livelihood of their craft, but also can expect to see your vision come to life.” This is truly shown in her quality of work.

A couple tips that Grisham shared with me were:

  1. Find your inspiration! Pinterest, magazines, and other images are always great to have. Once you have that general idea, Amanda is happy to help organize those ideas and help form the look that is perfect for you and your event.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for samples. “It is so much easier to try things out in the beginning, then to wait ’til the end!”
  3. Take a moment to breathe and relax. This is such an exciting time for you! “Ask as many questions as you can, and be okay saying no, or asking for help!” This is your day and we are all working to help make those dreams come true.

It was a pleasure speaking with Grish & Watson and being able to spotlight this great woman and company! Be sure to visit her website at and her Instagram page @grishandwatson.

How to Throw a Great Bachelorette Party

Hello brides and bridesmaids!  Today’s post was made in partnership with Belle Bachelorette.

A lot of times the task of planning a weekend that will be unforgettable and fully celebratory for the bride to be is a daunting and overwhelming one. The typical go-to “bride tribe” event is a trip to Vegas with fancy drinks and traveling from club to club. Belle Bachelorette is about creating a more unique and adventurous experience.

A little about the company: Belle Bachelorette is located in the Pacific Northwest, and is all about “taking the party outside” because they believe that “the air is fresher, the drinks taste better”, and that fireside feasts and conversation are unforgettable! 

For your squad’s outdoor bachelorette party, they recommend these few tips:

  • Research and book your campsite or lodging well in advance!
    • The summer is a popular season for outdoor activities, so you’ll want to make sure and plan way ahead.
    • One thing to think about when booking a camping site in particular would be to book sites that are right next to each other so that there is ample space for all party-goers, and there won’t be any worries about bothering other neighboring campers.
  • Bring lots of lighting!
    • Lighting options can include the typical flashlights, or creative lanterns and string lighting. 
    • This helps keep the party going as long as you want!
    • Set up stations!
    • Belle Bachelorette wants you to keep in mind that you are “glamping” not camping. 
    • Bring glamour to the woods by adding a handwashing station, hydration station, snack station, and OF COURSE a cocktail station!
  • Bring lots of bedding!
    • No matter what’s going on throughout the day, ample pillows, blankets, air mattresses, and comforters are always a good idea.
  • Last but not least, hangover remedies!
    • Pack yourselves some Advil, sports drinks, and your favorite “hair of the dog” cocktail. You will thank yourself later!

Keep in mind that the people and the memories you make while celebrating your favorite bride to be are what is most important. Belle Bachelorette is there to help you with the details!

You can follow Belle Bachelorette on Instagram @bellebachelorette or visit their website,

Cheers ladies!

When to Schedule Your Wedding Photographer

Hi all! Britt here, your bridal designer for sustainable bridal fashion. I got the chance to talk to professional wedding photographer Erik Gilliland. His work is phenomenal! I might be a bit biased because he did our wedding photos, but nonetheless, I asked him when the best time was to schedule or book a wedding photographer. Here is what he had to say:

“As a wedding photographer I have had the opportunity to capture many different wedding styles, locations, and time frames. I have been booked for weddings only a couple months away, and even two years out. Life is ever changing and curve balls are often thrown! A good photographer must be able to adapt and overcome any obstacle thrown their way.

Everyone has their own way of planning a wedding and most wedding planners I have worked with will bear the brunt of the load for you (I highly recommend getting one). In my personal opinion I recommend booking your wedding photographer at least a year out. Wedding photographers are usually pretty booked in the summer months so finding one last minute is not an easy task. As soon as you have the date for the wedding locked in, contact the photographer to make sure they have that date available. Most couples get married on weekends so dates start becoming very limited for photographers. Like I said, a good wedding planner will also help you with timelines. If you cannot decide on an exact date you should still contact the wedding photographer and talk with them about dates you are thinking about. They might only have one or two of those dates available and that might be the determining factor on deciding on your wedding day.

” I like to capture emotion, candid photos as well as posed photos. I love to take advantage of the venue and scenery, incorporating that into my images. I always ask for any photo ideas that the Bride has as well to meet her expectations. “

Once booked, I like to meet with my clients a couple times before the big day. I like to talk about the timeline or flow of the day and see what their ideas are. It is always good to get a rough plan on the who, what, when and where for photos before the wedding day to create less kayos. As long as the photographer and Bride are on the same page everything usually works out. A couple weeks before the wedding I like to have the bride send me her outline of the day. I can look it over and offer advice and ideas based on my experience.

I find it hard to say what my exact style of photography is. I like to capture emotion, candid photos as well as posed photos. I love to take advantage of the venue and scenery, incorporating that into my images. I always ask for any photo ideas that the Bride has as well to meet her expectations.”

You can learn more about Erik Gilliland Photography and contact him on his Facebook page here.

My Story on How I Got Started Sewing

Hey guys it’s Britt. The main question I get when we have like a first fitting is “How did you get started with sewing?”

Basically I started sewing when I was 5 years old. My grandma gave me my grandpa’s old sweatshirts and I would cut them up and hand sew little dresses for my dolls. Then I ended up getting into for sewing 4-H because my mom actually saw I had an interest in it. My grandma loves to hand sew and she and my mom both really mentored me and got me into that which I am super thankful for. Then at age 16 I started my first job as a seamstress at a local bridal shop.

“Then I went off to college with you and studied apparel design and merchandising management. From there I continued to work in bridal shops. After I had my son I decided to work from home. “

This is my 12th year as a professional seamstress. The name Modern Cottage actually came from me describing my modern country style. Also, my husband and I were always calling our house a little cottage of a home and we’re slowly modernizing it.

I love working from home, it is a true blessing to watch my son grow. Thank you for supporting this small business.


Tips & Tricks for Storing Your Wedding Dress

Hey it’s Britt with Modern Cottage Bridal, and today I’m gonna talk to you about tips and tricks to storing wedding dress. So if you’re headed to go pick up your wedding dress, this is the blog post for you to read. If you’re headed to the bridal shop to pick up your wedding dress I highly recommend getting a bridal bag on hand to bring with you. I have some here at the shop. You can inquire about that by shooting me a message here. I could also have one ready for you when you come to your first fitting I highly recommend storing wedding dresses in a bridal bag on a hanger. Leaving your dress in a box can crumple the fabric. It doesn’t necessarily damage it, but it can snag the dress on the box.

If you’ve had your wedding dress for alterations and want it to your wedding. I highly recommend getting it preserved and cleaned. Then once it comes back preserved and clean. Generally speaking it will come back either in a bag or presentation box of some sort. So those are my best tips and tricks for storing your wedding dress. Be sure to check out more information on cleaning your gown here.

The Barn at Tamarack Springs | Eastern Oregon Wedding Venue | La Grande

Hey all! It’s Britt here. I got the chance to talk to the owner of The Barn and Tamarack Springs, a great option for a wedding venue in Eastern Oregon. This gorgeous wedding venue is nestled in the heart of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon. Here’s what Deana had to say about the barn:

“The Barn at Tamarack Springs expresses both romance and a vivid history.  As Eastern Oregon”s FIRST multi-generational family owned wedding and event center-Mountain Weddings have graced our property with hundreds of joyous occasions.

Nestled at the base of Mt. Emily, our 120 acre property is provided with the blue mountains majestic views and glimpses of spectacular nature. The Barn at Tamarack Springs not only supplies breathtaking views, historical original outbuildings, and manicured ground, it sets the perfect stage to host the wedding of your dreams. Walking down the isle inside our refurbished barn with the charm of past eras gives a couple a sense of serenity and security (just in case mother nature makes her own plan).”

​For more info on booking and availability on this Eastern Oregon wedding venue, you can check out there website here.


The Bridal Tailor