How to Throw a Great Bachelorette Party

Hello brides and bridesmaids!  Today’s post was made in partnership with Belle Bachelorette.

A lot of times the task of planning a weekend that will be unforgettable and fully celebratory for the bride to be is a daunting and overwhelming one. The typical go-to “bride tribe” event is a trip to Vegas with fancy drinks and traveling from club to club. Belle Bachelorette is about creating a more unique and adventurous experience.

A little about the company: Belle Bachelorette is located in the Pacific Northwest, and is all about “taking the party outside” because they believe that “the air is fresher, the drinks taste better”, and that fireside feasts and conversation are unforgettable! 

For your squad’s outdoor bachelorette party, they recommend these few tips:

  • Research and book your campsite or lodging well in advance!
    • The summer is a popular season for outdoor activities, so you’ll want to make sure and plan way ahead.
    • One thing to think about when booking a camping site in particular would be to book sites that are right next to each other so that there is ample space for all party-goers, and there won’t be any worries about bothering other neighboring campers.
  • Bring lots of lighting!
    • Lighting options can include the typical flashlights, or creative lanterns and string lighting. 
    • This helps keep the party going as long as you want!
    • Set up stations!
    • Belle Bachelorette wants you to keep in mind that you are “glamping” not camping. 
    • Bring glamour to the woods by adding a handwashing station, hydration station, snack station, and OF COURSE a cocktail station!
  • Bring lots of bedding!
    • No matter what’s going on throughout the day, ample pillows, blankets, air mattresses, and comforters are always a good idea.
  • Last but not least, hangover remedies!
    • Pack yourselves some Advil, sports drinks, and your favorite “hair of the dog” cocktail. You will thank yourself later!

Keep in mind that the people and the memories you make while celebrating your favorite bride to be are what is most important. Belle Bachelorette is there to help you with the details!

You can follow Belle Bachelorette on Instagram @bellebachelorette or visit their website,

Cheers ladies!