Ask an MC Bride: Stormey

Hey all! It’s Britt with Modern Cottage bridal, and I am so excited today to share with you our bride Stormey’s story about her wedding. She came to us last summer with an idea to incorporate her mom’s wedding dress. Pieces of her mom’s wedding dress were used with hers and after some brainstorming. We decided to take the lace applique and attach it to a detachable train that I created for the special project. You can see featured below pictures of her on her wedding day. We also got the chance to hear her tell a little bit about her wedding story and her experience with Modern Cottage Bridal. So here it is!

My husband and I met after his high school dance when we were 15 and 16. He was my first love, it’s pretty crazy to think of how far we have come. When Cody and I got engaged I was so excited to marry him and plan a beautiful day to celebrate our love with our friends and family. I told my mom, and just had to try on her wedding dress like I had done when I was a little girl! My mom was married in 91′ so as you can imagine the style was pretty different than it is now. Poofy sleeves, lots of jewels and sparkles and gigantic train. But I still wished I could have something of hers with me on my wedding day. With my mom and sisters brainstorming we decided to use lace from her train and add it to a veil to go with my dress.

PC: Jenna Jaquith

I went to Brittanie for my alteration and told her about my veil ideas. She Suggested that I consider doing a custom detachable train with the lace instead. I instantly loved the idea! I had always wanted a train but my dress did not have one at all. She created the perfect train to take my dress to the next level! I absolutely love it. And I got to have a piece of my moms dress with mine. Our wedding was up n the woods, it was very simple and romantic. We only used flowers to decorate. My father Made a wedding arch for us out of beautiful birch trees. My dress fit the environment so well. After the ceremony I was able to unfasten my train so I could easily dance without dealing with it. Brittanie did a wonderful job!”

PC: Jenna Jaquith

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