3 Reasons Why Wedding Gown Preservation is for You

Brittanie here with Modern Cottage. I just wanted to jump on here really quickly and chat with you guys about wedding gown preservation and the benefits of wedding gown preservation.

1. Stains can cause long term damage

The number one reason that you should look into cleaning your wedding gown right away is because those stains can set and abrasion can really cause more wear and tear over time. It’s not something you want to procrastinate. However, if your dress has been sitting in your closet for six months, a year, five years, ten years, the company that we use to clean wedding gowns, they can’t get out. The professionals there can get out any stain, I’m telling you. Any stain.

2. It will hold it’s color for up to 100 years

The second reason wedding gown preservation and cleaning can be the best for option for you and your dress is it holds color for up to 100 years. If your family and even just yourself hold wedding gowns as a high sentimental value, it is worth it to have it preserved because the preservation will hold the true color of the dress for a hundred years. That’s really amazing because say you have a granddaughter or niece or someone in your life who really loved your dress and you want to share that with them. You’d be able to share that. The preservation would keep the original integrity of the dress so they can use it or see it as if it were brand new.

3. It’s sentimental to you

The last reason that preserving your wedding dress can be really great for you is if you really loved your dress and you want to show it off in some sort of piece of your household. Our wedding, our preservation service makes it so your dress comes back looking like brand new, but it’s also on a dress form, a cardboard dress form, and it comes in a cardboard shadow box. Here’s the thing though, you can store your gown in a unique way in your household. If it’s preserved, you can put it in a trunk or a wooden shadow box on the wall. There are so many unique things to do with it. Then you get to truly see and love your dress for years to come. If it’s on your wall, or in your living room, it’s part of your home.

Preservation is definitely more for those of you who feel as though you want to keep your gown for years to come. Cleaning is something you want to do only if you’re really just planning on reselling your gown or donating, simply because it won’t keep well in storage over the course of several years. If you do plan on storing it in storage or within your home, preservation is great, because the additional cleaning that’s done to it with preservation will prevent it from any external damage.

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